A consortium funded by the Department of Defense to research potential treatments for alcohol and substance use disorders (ASUD), particularly when co-occurring with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and other psychological disorders, and reduce the number of opioid and other substance use-related deaths, through multidisciplinary, team-based research efforts that translate basic knowledge into enhanced clinical pharmacological treatment protocols and enhanced quality of life for service members, Veterans, and the American public.

PASA investigators developed and compiled a virtual repository of resources to aid in ASUD research. To obtain access, please email


PASA has three aims under the primary objective of coordinating and facilitating translational, multidisciplinary, and integrative research aimed at developing pharmacotherapies for ASUD.

Aim 1: Discover
Test new chemical entities and repurpose existing medications in strictly pre-clinical and non-clinical models of ASUD with comorbid PTSD and other psychological disorders.
Aim 2: Phase 1 First-in-Human Safety
Conduct clinical trials of potential medications that include assessment of medical safety and doses for potential efficacy in subjects with ASUD and comorbid PTSD and other psychological disorders.
Aim 3: Phase 2 Efficacy
Conduct multiple site clinical trials to test preliminary efficacy and safety of potential medications or medication combinations in humans with ASUD and comorbid PTSD and other psychological disorders, and to also explore precision medicine tools for matching patients to these medications.


PASA brings together exemplary collaborators to focus research on compounds with promise for further development for the treatment of ASUD

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